Crystal Sharing: Sodalite and A Short Meditation

Sodalite, a beautiful blue stone with white patches emits calmness to its bearer, which helps in overall emotional stability. When we are calm, we could definitely learn and process knowledge better thus this is a useful stone for students in all fields of interest.

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Testimonial: Crystal Meditation with Green Aventurine

I highly recommend attending and benefiting from Tristen Churn’s Crystal Meditation sessions. I have personally experienced and greatly benefited from two divinely blessed sessions with Tristen.

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促使我約見 Tristen 的原因是我向來對一切神祕事物及體驗有著莫名的強大好奇心,一聽說有位心靈導師能跟水晶對話如此神奇的事當然不允錯過! 到了約定當天,我按照指示挑了一些平時會使用的水 Read More晶前往。一會面便被眼前這位開朗的年輕人吸引。Tristen 的身上彷彿披著一層光,使他看起來特別明亮耀眼。同時我發現他有一股特殊的氣質與能量,讓我感覺即放鬆又充滿活力。 在一個半小時的療程之中,我發覺我異於常態地,對著 Tristen 滔滔不絕傾訴起來,有幾次甚至無禮地打斷他的話。這令我非常困擾及不好意思。我自問是一個內向及慢熱的人,尤其是在陌生人及上師面前更甚。不知何故,在面對 Tristen 時卻可以很放心、毫無顧忌地傾訴著一切。 一開始,我對於 Tristen 通過水晶所傳達的訊息感到很不以為然。但在為時一個半小時的療程中,我那深深隱藏在細胞記憶裡,連自己都無從察覺的負面情緒,慢慢無所遁形地一層層被揭露開來,最後迫使我不得不正視它。 整個過程並無令我感到絲毫不安或沮喪,反而有一種真相大白後的釋懷!過後我覺得異常疲憊,一回到家便和衣倒在床上迷迷糊糊地睡了将近五個小時。這對我來說非常稀奇,事關我是個不睡午覺的人,除非是病倒了。在睡夢中,我經歷了許多怪異的景象,心中有數是在排釋負面能量。醒來後感覺無比輕鬆。 非常感恩 Tristen!他是目前為止我所遇見過,最年輕以及治療成效最顯著的一位心靈導師! Show Less

I benefited SO much from this workshop. Being brought up in a Chinese family has given me a set of beliefs about money and wealth. Although it Read Morehas made me ambitious but at the same time, these are blockages to achieving greater wealth in my career. I learnt adopting a different set of belief system which works. Within 2 months I was able to get a promotion and increment in the exact amount that I manifested! Thanks so much Tristen Churn! I highly recommend this workshop! Show Less





Yoga & Crystal Healing is a perfect union of the yoga system and the therapeutic energies of crystals. We have come to a new age to explore various possibilities of the loving energies through crystals while we embrace our very own core potentials in our body, mind and heart.

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