Message of Thoth

Since the day of this Golden Age has dawned upon Earth, you are all meant to embark on your Golden Path of Abundance. And we, the Divinities will walk hand-in-hand together with you. Even though some of you may still need to stumble across some bumps along your way, but for now the methods and techniques of attracting abundance are made available under the Cosmic Law of Attraction.

A Path of Abundance retains and reflects many kinds of components which sometimes you do not recognize them in your consciousness. As a co-creator with the Creator, this is the part that you are advised to take care of.

Please remember that we want you to access the Reservoir of Abundance - to be able to have access to the right sources of prosperity, wisdom, information, inspirations and divine energies in a plentiful manner. In fact, we do not impose any limit in this context UNLESS it is limited by your consciousness – both personal and the mass levels.

Therefore, the cultivation of True Abundance starts with your own CONSCIOUSNESS.

Prerequisites: Helpful to have some basic understanding of crystals.

In this course, major topics that you will explore and learn are as below:

Day 1
  • To understand your physical body as a Vessel of Wealth;
  • Duality lessons on earth;
  • Learn to comprehend your Chakra System as a Wealth Magnetizing System.
  • To understand the duality lessons in your Chakra System and perform potent clearing.
Day 2
  • The concept of Money;
  • The concept of Wealth.
  • Study the method to balance and enhance your Wealth Magnetizing System;
  • Get to know the practical steps of simple manifestation.

A practical and grounded Wealth Magnetizing System for you which is excellent for financial stress relief, fear management, fertility and creativity enrichment, prosperity and confidence boosting and more.

Friendly Reminder: Please bring along these crystals in tumbled or raw form to be programmed in this Wealth Workshop: 1) Clear Quartz 2) Amethyst 3) Lapis Lazuli 4) Malachite 5) Citrine 6) Orange Carnelian 7) Smoky Quartz.






请记住,我们希望您能够造访丰盛的储藏库 – 可以很丰盛的去接近而享用真正的繁荣,智慧,讯息,灵感和神圣的能源。事实上,在这情况中,我们不施加任何限制以约束您去享用丰盛,除非它是来自于您意识的限制 - 无论是个人或集体意识的限制。



第一阶: 体现财富的磁场
上课条件: 对水晶有一些基本的了解。


  • 了解您的身体作为一个财富的躯体;
  • 地球上二元对立的课程;
  • 理解您的脉轮系统成为财富励磁系统,并执行有效的化解过程。
  • 金钱和财富的概念;
  • 学习方法以平衡和增强您财富的励磁系统;
  • 认知和运用简单的显化步骤。


贴心叮咛: 亲爱的,请携带以下的水晶来参于这水晶丰盛工作坊以进行编程步骤:1)白水晶 2)紫水晶 3)青金石 4)孔雀石 5)黄水晶 6)橙色红玉髓 7)茶晶。

Prior appointment to this service is available in:

Kindly contact the personnel of the above holistic center or refer to their website for the energy exchange and time arrangement of this workshop.

"I benefited SO much from this workshop. Being brought up in a Chinese family has given me a set of beliefs about money and wealth. Although it has made me ambitious but at the same time, these are blockages to achieving greater wealth in my career. I learnt adopting a different set of belief system which works. Within 2 months I was able to get a promotion and increment in the exact amount that I manifested! Thanks so much Tristen Churn! I highly recommend this workshop!"

~ Janice Shun,
Manager, Kuala Lumpur ~

"Tristen is a gentle teacher and channeller that does amazing work with crystals. He provides a safe and loving environment for his students to share and grow. Before, during and after his workshop, I'd experienced many prosperity shifts that I was attracting wealth and (free) travel experiences. This is a great workshop to let go of poverty patterns and to move on to bigger, better levels."

~ Mable Tan, Australia ~