Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer and Yoga Teacher.

Tristen Churn is the Founder, Principal and Spiritual Teacher of Sun Moon Magic Academy, an online academy to fulfill your spiritual dreams. With an array of down-to-earth, spiritual experiences, Tristen runs the academy with a mission of sharing and educating esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual knowledges and experiences with those interested in the essences of love, passion and creativity.

Tristen discovered his Clairvoyant ability at a very young tender age, but due to fear, shut that gift down, which proved to be a life’s lesson well learnt. Two decades later he bravely re-activated his Clairvoyant ability and went even further into developing other abilities of Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizance and soon enough began offering his healing services to the general public.

Currently, Tristen connects to his Soul’s intelligence on Crystals, Ascended Masters, Star Seed, Magic, Yogi and other values as the foundation of his services to the public. Spiritually, by becoming a multi-dimensional Channeller & Healer of Lights and Frequencies, he specializes in the fields of Ascended Masters and Crystal Intelligence, which involves curating different celestial vibes to facilitate Energy Healing, Activation, Attunement and the Advancement of human system to serve those in need.

With persistence, Tristen provides intuitive energy services in Tarot and Oracle Card Reading since the year 2004 yielding an experience over 5,000 readings with clients under his belt for those years. From 2006 onward, Tristen has been trained and evolved in Crystal Healing, Emotional Healing on Relationships, Inner Child Healing, Karmic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing, Crystal and Sound Healing (Singing Bowl), Galactic Transmission Healing and many more which enrich his metaphysical experience. These also include facilitating series of meditations and workshops in learning Tarot and Oracle Card Reading, Crystals and Goddesses knowledge, Crystal Magic Rituals and elevating Abundance consciousness on a constant basis. Regularly, he travels to places such as the different states of Malaysia as well as overseas like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries to offer his energy services.


Tristen Churn是日月魔法學院(Sun Moon Magic Academy)的创办人,院长和身心灵导师,该学院是成立于马来西亚公司宪法之下的一个组织。Tristen拥有一系列务实的身心灵经验,在执行学院课程的主要宗旨是与有兴趣学习心灵,精神和玄学领域的人们分享和教导有关的知识和经验,同时培养个人的自爱,热枕和创造能力。

Tristen在年幼时就察觉到自己拥有"透视能力"的天赋,可是因内心的惶恐不安, 而把这天赋能力压抑于心灵深处。往后也证实了这是他生命中必须克服的课题。廿年后,在机缘巧合之下,让他鼓起勇气重新启用了透视能力,再启动了听觉,触觉,心智直觉,通灵和疗愈能力,而为大众做心灵辅导,能量疗愈服务。


通过坚持不懈的毅力,Tristen自2004年为客户经常提供塔罗,心灵和神谕牌卡占卜个案,累积了超过5,000个个案的经验。从2006年开始,Tristen也为大众提供其进化式的能量疗愈服务,这包括水晶疗愈,关系情绪疗愈,内在小孩疗愈,业力疗愈,灵魂碎片和身心灵重整疗愈,前世回溯疗愈,水晶和颂钵音频疗愈,星系能量疗愈等而加深他个人经验。这也包含各类静心和工作坊,题材计有学习塔罗和神谕牌卡占卜,水晶和女神的知识,水晶魔法仪式,提升丰盛意识等等。目前, 他的顾客群主要来自于亚洲与欧洲, 个人也常到亚洲地区如马来西亚州属,新加玻,香港,台湾,中国和泰国提供相关的能量服务。


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