Crystal Sharing: Sodalite and A Short Meditation

Sodalite, a beautiful blue stone with white patches emits calmness to its bearer, which helps in overall emotional stability. When we are calm, we could definitely learn and process knowledge better thus this is a useful stone for students in all fields of interest.

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Testimonial: Crystal Meditation with Green Aventurine

I highly recommend attending and benefiting from Tristen Churn’s Crystal Meditation sessions. I have personally experienced and greatly benefited from two divinely blessed sessions with Tristen.

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I met Tristen at a Blue Crystal healing group session. I didnt know anyone but had heard Tristen's name mentioned by a friend - and a week Read Moreearlier I had followed a friend to a crystal shop not intending to buy anything...but was attracted to 3 crystals...and they were all blue!!! So call it fate or the universe...but it seemed a sign. It was at this session (never having been before to anything similar) that with Tristens guidance and calm voice that I had my first insight into my true self...I sat in the room afterwards calmly knowing for the first time I was leaving Penang. Not a thought I had acknowledged till that point. I am incredibly grateful to the universe for bringing Tristen to my life at this point...I was not to know at the time how amazing the process would be. Following this was a series of life changing events....emotional upheavals...and a mountain of questions. Tristen is such a calm, kind and patient person...I feel instantly like I have known him all my life. He has an amazing way of knowing exactly what I mean and understands perfectly. I always feel that Tristen has all the time in the world and a genuine caring desire to help. The healing always leaves me heady with positivity and a light and open heart ready to embrace the world. High points during this time would be Tristan predicting exactly where in the world I have now moved to... Inner child therapy helping to improve my relationships...everything Tristen mentions (even if im sceptical at the time...sure enough starts putting itself in place almost straight away) Cutting ties to negative circumstances - wow...i had alot of resentment and had cried almost every day for was stunned I came out of meditation and healing with no emotions towards it at all when friends mentioned it....I am so happy and so ready for my next chapter now. Show Less

I enjoyed the healing a lot, more than I really expected. What amazed me the most is that I was able to come quite fast to a peaceful state Read Moreand I could literally felt stepping out of my body in phases without a moment did I feel uncomfortable or worried! A very nice healing indeed! Show Less





Yoga & Crystal Healing is a perfect union of the yoga system and the therapeutic energies of crystals. We have come to a new age to explore various possibilities of the loving energies through crystals while we embrace our very own core potentials in our body, mind and heart.

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