Crystal Sharing: Sodalite and A Short Meditation

Sodalite, a beautiful blue stone with white patches emits calmness to its bearer, which helps in overall emotional stability. When we are calm, we could definitely learn and process knowledge better thus this is a useful stone for students in all fields of interest.

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Testimonial: Crystal Meditation with Green Aventurine

I highly recommend attending and benefiting from Tristen Churn’s Crystal Meditation sessions. I have personally experienced and greatly benefited from two divinely blessed sessions with Tristen.

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I can hardly find words to describe the accuracy in your tarot reading. From the doubts in beginning until it has came true one by one eventually. Read More It’s amazing. Additionally, I would really like to thank you for your spiritual guidance. Show Less

I benefited SO much from this workshop. Being brought up in a Chinese family has given me a set of beliefs about money and wealth. Although it Read Morehas made me ambitious but at the same time, these are blockages to achieving greater wealth in my career. I learnt adopting a different set of belief system which works. Within 2 months I was able to get a promotion and increment in the exact amount that I manifested! Thanks so much Tristen Churn! I highly recommend this workshop! Show Less





Yoga & Crystal Healing Class

Your wellness journey starts with Yoga & Crystal Healing class, a perfect union of the yoga system and the therapeutic energies of crystals.

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