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Crystals are the heavenly offerings of the mineral kingdom to humanity; the gifts of Mother Gaia to its beloved children. In this New Age, crystals solidify its major position in our daily life rapidly by playing special roles in granting guidance, meditation, healing and attunement with diverse energies.

Crystal Channelling
As a Crystal Channeller, Tristen performs channelling with your crystal by retrieving its messages for your personal issues (i.e. confusions, blockages, obstacles). Connect to your crystals and get the know-how to foster the right consciousness and enhancements on your life path, i.e. romance, career, family, wealth etc.

Crystal Healing
In unique forms and colours, crystals are renowned with their congenital healing properties and vibrations - which harmonize the environment and all living beings. Thus, healing can be done by using such therapeutic energies to heal issues (e.g. deep grief & loss, unworthiness, guilt, low self-esteem, self-loathing, betrayal, OCD and etc.) in your chakra system and energy bodies. Crystal Healing aims to create balance and wellness in your bodies of consciousness.

Available ONLINE:
Please follow your heart to book this online one-on-one consultation based on the time slot availability by sending a text to us via this link:

[Book your consultation now!]

After securing your booking, we will furnish our local banking information to Malaysians for payment process. And for international clients, please make your payment via the following PayPal button. Do take note that any cancellation for paid consultation and refund of fee WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. But, under sufficient reason and reasonable consideration, you may opt for a change of time slot or transfer the paid consultation to another beneficiary (as in a real person).


  1. If available, please gather and cleanse your crystals for consultation purpose.
  2. Do prepare some essential oils (if you have any) to apply them on your skin.
  3. Grab some cushions and a pillow, prep a quiet and comfortable space for you to sit or lie down during your session.
  4. After making the payment, we will furnish you a private meeting web link under Google Meet. Please visit the website of Google Meet to understand simple functions of the meeting room. Five minutes before the scheduled time of your session, sign in to your existing Google account, click the web link and join this session via any web browser.
  5. Kindly run a check on your internet connection, bandwidth and data plan to avoid any form of disruption. For a better internet streaming experience, use a pair of quality earpiece and employ a tablet, laptop or computer with a big screen and switch on the functions of the microphone and camera.

Energy Exchange (Fee):

(Ringgit Malaysia) RM 320.00 (90 minutes)

(Ringgit Malaysia) RM 425.00 (120 minutes)

For Malaysians and Singaporeans, please refer to us for local payment details.


"Fundamentally, one's Higher Self is all the guide and master a person needs, not an external "guru". However we humans having clouded this divine essence of ours so thickly that we can't see or hear or even feel, the guidance and whispers from our Higher Self. As such, an external spiritual guide in human form is much needed to assist to clear this cloudiness. Tristen Churn is one such guide, all the more so if the tool to discovering your real YOU involves crystals. My session on crystal meditation and the healing session with Tristen were powerful sessions that facilitated beautiful experiences of release and re-charging. In a simple no frills and fancy manner, Tristen very simply and humbly channels messages that you need to know of and gently guides you through the process. By his very demeanor, Tristen teaches one the message of simplicity, that through simplicity, the power of one's Higher Self blazes through! Thank you Tristen."

~ Vasentha Sampasivam, Penang ~

"I am very fortunate to have met Tristen! He has helped me to open a new chapter in my life in healing...which began with healing myself first. He has been very patient with me guiding me and also encouraging me. He is very sincere and genuine in assisting me to open up to the realms of angels, crystals, crystal fairies and etc. I have joined his crystal meditations in a group as well as an individual session with him. All I can say is he is an earth angel who has really helped me through my many challenges. Thank you Tristen!"

~ Kiru, Penang ~

"Dear Tristen,

Thank you for giving me your time, care and gentle love today and consequently bringing me to a great level of joy and peace.

You have listened to my story with great concentrate and thus understood my pain and fear.

You have very gently, like one of the Bodhisattvas, lifted the pain and in doing so have given me greater understanding of myself. I feel lifted, lighter and know that peace begins to stay in my soul.

Thank you for your loving time and understanding and also encouragement to enable and help me go forward in my soul journey.

With much appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you."

~ Teh Li Choo ~

"I was introduced to Tristen through a friend who knew him professionally. Even though Tristen offers different therapies, I specifically went to see him for crystal channeling and therapy.

I had a two hour session with him, we started by just me talking about my issues, then he sat me comfortably on a chair and concentrated the crystal energies on me. He helped me through some meditation and visualisation techniques. Most of this work was for grounding and cleansing. After this, I was asked to lay on the couch where he used different crystal energies to 'heal' me.

What I really liked was the post therapy debriefing, Tristen told me what he 'saw' and what his guides told him. In addition he gave me self help techniques which I could do at home to continue my 'healing process'.

I would definitely go to see Tristen again when I can and recommend him to anyone looking to explore these alternative therapies."

~ Ms G, Malaysia ~

"I own a few pieces of crystals and I believe in the energy a crystal is able to release and absorb. However, I am not sensitive enough to feel this energy. I stumbled across Tristen's crystal channeling and therapy on the internet and thought he might be the right person to convey the messages my crystals have for me. I booked a session with Tristen and the result was remarkable. Without telling Tristen much about the issues I was facing at that moment, through the crystal, Tristen was able to tell me a few concerns pertaining to my issues after touching my crystals. I was completely amazed. Initially I have only booked for crystal channeling session but since it was some negative energy within me that was stopping me from moving forward, he recommended a therapy session. After my therapy session, I felt light and relieved, fully aware of myself and I can feel the negative energy that was bringing me down was gone. I was able to look at my issues from a different perspective, clearly. Tristen also advised me to do meditation with my crystals and taught me how to do it. I am glad to have found Tristen and shown the way to connect with my crystals. For people who find it difficult to move on in life or confused or merely want to connect to your own crystals, I would recommend this."

~ SW, Kuala Lumpur ~

"Tristen 是一位充滿愛心的心靈諮詢師. 他的能量是豐富舆活潑的. 他對能量世界是有一定的認識和了解. 通過他與水晶的溝通能讓我們對自己有多一份的了解. 經過他的癒療, 讓我對自己的明白多一點, 了解多一些, 方向也比較明確. 謝謝他耐心的引導和提點."

~ Pamela Loh, 水晶商家,
Kuala Lumpur ~

"Tristen's Crystal Channeling has confirmed what I've been ignoring on a subconscious level. During the session, I had to face and acknowledge a serious issue i've been neglecting for years. I was also pleasantly surprised when he invoked Goddess Aphrodite for me to get in touch with my feminine self. Later, Tristen revealed that he works with Goddesses energies. I left the channeling happier, assured and at peace with my issue."

~ Catherine Cheong,
Kuala Lumpur ~

"I was drawn to Tristen's Crystal Healing but had no idea why or what to expect. I wanted some help with release and clearing and allowed whatever energy to unfold. The session tapped into a very core and deep issue that I thought I had dealt with before. I realize how traumas can linger far deeper than one realizes and Tristen gently guided me to release it with love, grace and acceptance. It was a very joyful release and I felt positive and much lightened up afterwards. I would love to see him again in his next visit, hopefully soon."

~ Susie, Hong Kong ~

"促使我約見 Tristen 的原因是我向來對一切神祕事物及體驗有著莫名的強大好奇心,一聽說有位心靈導師能跟水晶對話如此神奇的事當然不允錯過! 到了約定當天,我按照指示挑了一些平時會使用的水晶前往。一會面便被眼前這位開朗的年輕人吸引。Tristen 的身上彷彿披著一層光,使他看起來特別明亮耀眼。同時我發現他有一股特殊的氣質與能量,讓我感覺即放鬆又充滿活力。 在一個半小時的療程之中,我發覺我異於常態地,對著 Tristen 滔滔不絕傾訴起來,有幾次甚至無禮地打斷他的話。這令我非常困擾及不好意思。我自問是一個內向及慢熱的人,尤其是在陌生人及上師面前更甚。不知何故,在面對 Tristen 時卻可以很放心、毫無顧忌地傾訴著一切。
一開始,我對於 Tristen 通過水晶所傳達的訊息感到很不以為然。但在為時一個半小時的療程中,我那深深隱藏在細胞記憶裡,連自己都無從察覺的負面情緒,慢慢無所遁形地一層層被揭露開來,最後迫使我不得不正視它。 整個過程並無令我感到絲毫不安或沮喪,反而有一種真相大白後的釋懷!過後我覺得異常疲憊,一回到家便和衣倒在床上迷迷糊糊地睡了将近五個小時。這對我來說非常稀奇,事關我是個不睡午覺的人,除非是病倒了。在睡夢中,我經歷了許多怪異的景象,心中有數是在排釋負面能量。醒來後感覺無比輕鬆。
非常感恩 Tristen!他是目前為止我所遇見過,最年輕以及治療成效最顯著的一位心靈導師!"

~ Jane Wong, Kuala Lumpur ~

"Tristen is a truly gifted and extraordinary spiritual being. His channeling is so precise, detailed and direct. Definitely not run of the mills psychic/ channeller.

A case in point, I bought my crystal about 6 months ago and kept it at home all this while. Through Tristen, the crystal knew what happened at the office 1 1/2 years ago.

I had the air-conditioner ventilator vent closed (due to fever & flu) and totally forgotten about this because my office is always extremely cold. This crystal told Tristen that my office space (cubicle) was badly ventilated! Inadvertently this crystal also "saved" me from injury as when I requested the maintenance guy to open the air vent he told me 3 clips out of 4 of the aluminium cover were sploit and can drop to my head any time. This is only partial example and there are other things being told... wow!"

~ Jill Lum, Kuala Lumpur ~

"I've had 3 (or 4? :) ) crystal channeling sessions with Tristen so far. In all sessions Tristen invariably channeled messages that were "spot on". I am always impressed with his ability to have a deep connection with the crystals. In addition to the messages channeled, Tristen also has wise advise/suggestions to share when he feels it is needed. Needless to say I really enjoy Tristen's crystal channeling sessions, otherwise I would not have done it several times :)."

~ Bernice, Kuala Lumpur ~

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