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An oracle card reading session focuses on understanding and cultivating our clarity, confidence and wisdom through the guidance of Goddess Kuan Yin.

There are 44 cards in this Kuan Yin Oracle deck which are filled with compassionate messages channeled and written by Alana Fairchild, a renowned Spiritual Teacher and Healer based in Australia. The beautiful designs and imageries of ancient Chinese females displayed on these cards are the artistic creations of a talented painter named Zeng Hao who lives in China.

In a normal session perform under the Goddess’s guidance, this oracle card deck acts as the major spiritual tool to bring in clear messages and explanations to your reading. Generally, the areas that you may explore are relationships, career, family, health, personal growth, wealth and other issues for personal motivation and clarity of directions to progress in life.

From the reading experience of Tristen, he strongly understands that the integrity of a reading is very crucial to empower the authenticity in YOU! Thus, near to the end of your session, he works with Kuan Yin to incorporate a short and precise healing to clear out your confusions, negative thinking and other minor blockages. This aims that you could follow and progress with the clear messages that you receive in your individual reading.

Available ONLINE:
Please follow your heart to book this online one-on-one consultation based on the time slot availability by sending a text to us via this link:

[Book your consultation now!]

After securing your booking, we will furnish our local banking information to Malaysians for payment process. And for international clients, please make your payment via the following PayPal button. Do take note that any cancellation for paid consultation and refund of fee WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. But, under sufficient reason and reasonable consideration, you may opt for a change of time slot or transfer the paid consultation to another beneficiary (as in a real person).


  1. If available, please gather and cleanse your crystals for consultation purpose.
  2. Do prepare some essential oils (if you have any) to apply them on your skin.
  3. Grab some cushions and a pillow, prep a quiet and comfortable space for you to sit or lie down during your session.
  4. After making the payment, we will furnish you a private meeting web link under Google Meet. Please visit the website of Google Meet to understand simple functions of the meeting room. Five minutes before the scheduled time of your session, sign in to your existing Google account, click the web link and join this session via any web browser.
  5. Kindly run a check on your internet connection, bandwidth and data plan to avoid any form of disruption. For a better internet streaming experience, use a pair of quality earpiece and employ a tablet, laptop or computer with a big screen and switch on the functions of the microphone and camera.

Energy Exchange (Fee):

(Ringgit Malaysia) RM 280.00 (90 minutes)

(Ringgit Malaysia) RM 370.00 (120 minutes)

For Malaysians and Singaporeans, please refer to us for local payment details.


“I find Tristen's reading and channelling very comprehensive and detailed. My mind is clearer and I become more focus after the session. Most importantly the accuracy and messages channelled were astounding. I was even guided to start on a meditation which has reduce my stress and calm my mind progressively. I would definitely recommend my circle of friends who are interested in this art to meet this wonderful guy."

~ Mr. Liew,
Business Entrepreneur,
PJ, Selangor ~

“Prior to consulting Tristen for a reading, I did an astrology reading with another facilitator. She informed me that my charts indicated the next 2 years is an excellent time to concentrate and to improve on myself. However, I didn't know where to start. Tristen has helped me to pinpoint on certain areas in my life by giving me an action plan on letting go of issues in my life. In my case, I had to clear old junk in my house and learn to forgive myself and others. His reading is clear, filled with compassion and empathy.”

~ Catherine Cheong,
Kuala Lumpur ~

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