A Love Note from Archangel Gabriel
"Dear child, remember that when you were a kid, you used to have so much fun in your life. You had a great time with laughter, playfulness, innocent and living in the present moment. Besides this, you had low time with anger, grief and hardship but you managed to recover from all of them in lightning speed. But as an adult, do you realize that you cannot even smile to yourself?

Through the course of adulthood, you grew up with limitations, restrictions, negative emotions and distorted belief systems. All these negativities mold a huge muddy pond and trap you in with heaviness and burdens. You can set yourself free from sinking deeper into the pond. It is a choice and a conscious way of living. Make your life brighter and valuable by recognizing the splendor of your inner child again. And you will receive a constant and infinite flow of TENDERNESS, LOVE and CARE from your own inner child."

Friendly Reminder: For this workshop, please have your lunch prior to this event. Kindly wear comfortable clothing preferably a pair of pants with pockets. Please bring along 1 piece each of the following crystals in the raw or tumbled form:

  1. Yellow crystal: Yellow Calcite, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Yellow Topaz and etc.
  2. Pink crystal: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite and etc.
  3. Blue crystal: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Blue Laced Agate and etc.




  1. 黄色水晶:黄水晶,金色发晶,黄色方解石等。
  2. 粉红色水晶:粉晶,菱锰矿,蔷薇辉石等。
  3. 蓝色水晶:青金石,方钠石,蓝玛瑙等。

Prior appointment to this service is available in:

Kindly contact the personnel of the above holistic center or refer to their website for the energy exchange and time arrangement of this workshop.

Going through a rocky yet lucky childhood affected me in my adulthood. Deep rooted patterns of my parents divorce and my mother's constant implants of her belief system in me caused damage to my inner child patterns. The unworthiness within myself affected my failed and unhealthy relationships with married men. Undergoing the releasing of distorted patterns and healing, *speaking to my mother's soul* (she lives abroad) made me learn to let go of the resentment I had for her doings to me as a child, forgiveness will eventually come in a later stage. I learnt to forgive myself for abusing my body and to cultivate self love. It is not just 1 session of clearing and healing, but many sessions that I did at home with determination that my goals are achieved. Although I need few more self healing rounds, but I felt much connected to my inner child, doing what makes me happy, what gives me that I am worthy and now I know when I have my own family, I will definitely be able to provide my husband and children with perfect affections.

~ Cheryl Yee, Kuala Lumpur ~