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Love Note from Archangel Gabriel, Goddesses Kuan Yin and Auset
“Dear child, remember that when you were a kid, you used to have so much fun and observing the miracles in your life. You had a great time with laughter, being playful and innocent with magical living in that moment. Albeit, sometimes you transgressed with anger, frustration and disappointment but you managed to pull yourself out in lightning speed. But as an adult, do you realize that you cannot even smile to yourself?”

Through the course of growing up, you dwell with negativities, limitations and mischievousness as an adult. All these negativities pulls you down with huge heaviness. You know you could free yourself from it by exercising your pick of choice and engaging a conscious way of living. Transform your life now with brighter and invaluable measures through the splendor of your childlike facet again. And you will receive a constant and infinite flow of TENDERNESS, LOVE and CARE from your own Inner Child!

Available both ONLINE & FACE-TO-FACE:
Please follow your heart to book this online one-on-one consultation based on the time slot availability by sending a text to us via this link:

[Book your consultation now!]


After securing your booking, we will furnish our local banking information to you for payment process. Do take note that any cancellation for paid consultation and refund of fee WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. But, under sufficient reason and reasonable consideration, you may opt for a change of time slot or transfer the paid consultation to another beneficiary (as in a real person).


  1. If available, please gather and cleanse your crystals for consultation purpose.
  2. Do prepare some essential oils (if you have any) to apply them on your skin.
  3. Grab some cushions and a pillow, prep a quiet and comfortable space for you to sit or lie down during your session.
  4. After making the payment, we will furnish you a private meeting web link under Google Meet. Please visit the website of Google Meet to understand simple functions of the meeting room. Five minutes before the scheduled time of your session, sign in to your existing Google account, click the web link and join this session via any web browser.
  5. Kindly run a check on your internet connection, bandwidth and data plan to avoid any form of disruption. For a better internet streaming experience, use a pair of quality earpiece and employ a tablet, laptop or computer with a big screen and switch on the functions of the microphone and camera.

Energy Exchange (Fee):

(Ringgit Malaysia) RM 350.00 (90 minutes)
(Ringgit Malaysia) RM 466.00 (120 minutes)

"I met Tristen at a Blue Crystal healing group session. I didnt know anyone but had heard Tristen's name mentioned by a friend - and a week earlier I had followed a friend to a crystal shop not intending to buy anything...but was attracted to 3 crystals...and they were all blue!!! So call it fate or the universe...but it seemed a sign. It was at this session (never having been before to anything similar) that with Tristens guidance and calm voice that I had my first insight into my true self...I sat in the room afterwards calmly knowing for the first time I was leaving Penang. Not a thought I had acknowledged till that point. I am incredibly grateful to the universe for bringing Tristen to my life at this point...I was not to know at the time how amazing the process would be. Following this was a series of life changing events....emotional upheavals...and a mountain of questions. Tristen is such a calm, kind and patient person...I feel instantly like I have known him all my life. He has an amazing way of knowing exactly what I mean and understands perfectly. I always feel that Tristen has all the time in the world and a genuine caring desire to help. The healing always leaves me heady with positivity and a light and open heart ready to embrace the world. High points during this time would be Tristan predicting exactly where in the world I have now moved to... Inner child therapy helping to improve my relationships...everything Tristen mentions (even if im sceptical at the time...sure enough starts putting itself in place almost straight away) Cutting ties to negative circumstances - wow...i had alot of resentment and had cried almost every day for was stunned I came out of meditation and healing with no emotions towards it at all when friends mentioned it....I am so happy and so ready for my next chapter now."

~ Amy Leese, Art Teacher, United Kingdom ~

"Tristen's session is flexible and holistic helping me to reconnect to those hidden parts of myself. I thought I need a crystal reading alas! Tristen went straight into the heart of what matters most which I've not fully addressed -- acknowledging, releasing and healing very deep discordant patterns of perhaps many lifetimes. In his calm and compassionate presence, he guided me into a safe space so I could bring to consciousness, without much effort nor resistance, what had been left to fester in my unconscious. Chronic pain in different areas of my body has dissipated, and I felt so much lighter. The karmic patterns of complicated relationships with my loved ones have been made clearer to me, allowing for healing. And this was done in just 2 hours, of course my energy was already lifted with the cool jokes and laughter before and after the session. Truly enjoyable, fruitful, helpful and effective session!"

~ Ms. A, Kuala Lumpur ~

"Deep contemplation and self reflection is a process we go through time and again during our earthly existence. And it was going through one of those inner journeys that I decided to give crystal healing a try. I thought divine guidance was needed in order to help me to break one of the patterns I see recurring within myself, but which I was unable to trace to a root cause. I've never tried crystal healing before though I've always believed in the crystal, angelic and the divine realms. And the journey through these healing sessions was amazing to say the least. During the first two sessions, Tristen, with his gentle guidance and insights, not only helped me to identify some of the issues and life patterns, but brought to my attention some which I was not consciously aware of, or perhaps, not willing to admit to. The sessions itself are rather relaxing though an experience in itself. It helps to take us further within and into ourselves and see ourselves with further clarity than we would have consciously, been able to. And before the third and last session, I was able to connect the final dot and trace the root cause to the start of my inward journey.

Life is a celebration and Divine Guidance is all around us. Crystal healing is a very gentle, divine way of helping us to reconnect with our inner selves, our souls and may just be one of the dots along your journey. Namaste!"

~ Silvia Sim, Yoga Instructor, Kuala Lumpur ~

"Miracles don't fall from the sky, I have to take charge of it, make it happen and get to it. Message I received during my Crystal Abundance Circle was to take this Karmic Healing right after and I did. I soon realized why I kept facing the same obstacles over again despite numerous healing sessions I had with wonderful healers, I had to get down to the core of my problems. I learnt what blockages were and instantly experienced exchanges in my current life. Not only am I a 180 degrees brand new person I am emanating the best positive changes. My creative blockages were removed on just my second session and had immediate flow at work. If you are on the verge of giving up on your life or you are experiencing a very bad downfall. Tristen's healing and workshops are on top of this world recommended – it is a process that we all have to go through in order to live in a positive world filled with good thoughts, actions and beliefs. Stop living in the past and other people's disbelief. With his gift from the Divine, it helped me to change my life within 4 months and I have 2 more sessions to go! Soon I will find my soulmate too! I would never think twice or how I will be able to afford because your money flow will just come if you book for an appointment now. I can never thank Tristen enough for his compassionate healing gift! Lots of love."

~ Cheryl Yee, Kuala Lumpur ~

"I enjoyed the healing a lot, more than I really expected. What amazed me the most is that I was able to come quite fast to a peaceful state and I could literally felt stepping out of my body in phases without a moment did I feel uncomfortable or worried! A very nice healing indeed!"

~ Florence Turlin Wildemann, Bangkok ~

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