Since the creation of Mother Earth, the crystal kingdom has already envisioned its significant role in the evolution of planet Earth. Different crystals were created from different combinations of minerals in order to furnish various energies and properties contributing towards this revolution. It is laid out as such to benefit all on earth.

By embracing the diversified energies and properties embedded in crystals, we could perform energy therapy with these beauties. Energy therapy is crucial nowadays as all aspects of our body systems are required to be healed, balanced and possibly upgraded for our entire wellbeing in this fifth dimension. Crystal Therapy is excellent for physical pain relief, stress management, blood circulation, fertility, sexual dysfunction, respiratory system, submissive expression and more.

This course reciprocates crystal fans by equipping you the know-how to utilize the therapeutic energies and properties of your crystals. Following this, you may choose to become a crystal therapist or to remain as a keen learner who appreciates the healing art of crystals.


Prerequisites: Basic Crystal Class
Day 1
  • Introduction and the understanding of physical self;
  • Setting up healing space;
  • Powerful chakra initiation and activation by crystals – Heart Chakra.
Day 2
  • Oneness concept;
  • Potent chakra initiation and activation by crystals – Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus;
  • Simple crystal energy massage.
Day 3
  • Chakra initiation and activation by crystals – Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra;
  • Crystals and healing properties;
  • Clearing healing space and therapist;
  • Ethics of a Crystal Healer.

Friendly Reminder: Please bring along these crystals in formation of tumbled or slab for this class: 1) Clear Quartz 2) Amethyst 3) Sodalite 4) Malachite 5) Citrine 6) Orange Carnelian 7) Red Jasper or any other crystal with similar color for the respective chakra.

Prior appointment to this service is available in:

Kindly contact the personnel of the above holistic center or refer to their website for the energy exchange and time arrangement of this workshop.

"It has been my privilege to have been initiated into Crystal Therapy by Tristen Churn. He is gentle, kind and compassionate teacher. His way of teaching is interactive and communicative, keeping in mind that the student has grasped what is being taught. Prior to the Crystal Therapy course, I had some information about healing properties of a few crystals. However, now the information has been transformed into a knowledge on how to work and connect with the crystals' energies. I have practised Crystal Therapy on a few family members and friends. It has helped, uplifted and physically healed a few of them. Some found answers to their confusions and for some it has been de-stressing and relaxing tool.

I feel joyful, honoured and blessed to have learnt an effective process of healing, which brings back peace and calmness into people's life."

In Love and Gratitude for accepting me as your student,

~ Raveena,
India (Residing in Singapore) ~

"How can I thank Tristen for the gift he gave me at the Crystal Healing Workshop. I had undivided attention for 6 hours and learned a healing modality to enhance my ability to help others.

He was patient, knowledgeable and thorough. He adapted the training to meet my individual needs. I learned about the power of the chakras and the crystals and had hands on experience of being a client and a therapist.

I walked away confident in the knowledge I can use this new gift in my healing sessions and I have since practised on myself and a friend and found it easy to remember and administer due to his thorough training.

I highly recommend this course if you wish to learn a new or additional healing modality in order to ensure health and well being to all your friends."

~ Silka R Slavin,
United Kingdom ~

"For almost a decade, I have been interested in crystals. I am fascinated by the natural beauty of the wide variety of the mineral kingdom. The crystals are amazing because of their formation from planet Earth, and their natural beauty never failed to inspire me. The formation of crystals also show the transformation that Earth has gone through millions of years, eons of lifetimes.

My interest in crystals began through collecting some tumbled stones, bracelets and wands. Hence, the interest has led me into getting to know about the wide variety of crystals and into crystal healing, through books and pendulum dowsing. For some time, I have been searching for classes or workshops regarding crystal therapy. By affinity, I stumbled upon Tristen's Crystal Therapy Workshop via The Violet Flame at Bangsar, KL last week. I registered for the course and attended it on Sunday. I felt very thankful for the opportunity and affinity to attend the workshop. When I attended the course, I found that this was the first time Tristen conducted such a workshop. In the workshop, Tristen gave a detailed explanation on the wisdom of crystals, crystal channelling, the setting up and closing of a crystal therapy session. He also gave me some guidance on conducting crystal therapy session and practiced a hands-on training session on giving healing. From there, I learned ways to communicate with client/recipient before and after healing session.

The overall workshop was purposeful and meaningful as I got the chance to enhance and comprehend more regarding crystals and crystal healing, applying the knowledge in my daily life, in a more profound way. Last time I get to learn about crystals through books, and now through the workshop, the knowledge I got before are becoming more settled and confirmed even more, in much deeper understanding. Most of all, Tristen's explanation and guidance about crystals has helped and made me becoming more aware about the importance of treating and caring for crystals with love and respect and applying them with good and positive intentions for the highest good of all. In addition, the whole workshop was enjoyable as I get to learn from mistakes and learning crystal therapy in a fun and positive way. I look forward for more classes and workshops from Tristen. And I really recommend this workshop to anyone whom is also interested in crystals and crystal therapy and wants to deepen the knowledge and understanding in crystal and holistic healing to help oneself as well as others.

Thanks very much to Tristen, Sandy and Li Yen of The Violet Flame, guides, crystals and Mother Earth for the opportunity and affinity. LOVE and LIGHT."

Yours sincerely and with heartfelt thanks,

~ WH Ng, Melaka ~