From the eons of time until to-date, crystals are considered as the gems and precious stones of all times. Resemblance to all forms of Planet Earth, they are the creations and manifestations of the Divine in different timing. In contact with certain crystals which are record keepers, we get to know the information of the Earth’s transformation cycles. This enables us to expand our understanding on this subject, especially on the evolutions of mankind. Herein, crystals act as a device to store information and details waiting to be explored.

In many cultures, crystals are being used to perform rituals and healing onto people due to their therapeutic properties and energies. It is very common for people to employ and wear crystal jewelry or accessories to receive the healing benefits of the crystals.

Since Mother Earth is crystallizing all of its components as we walk into New Age, it is now easier for people to open up and to utilize crystal energies. When you are attracted to crystals, it signifies the right time for you to unfold and embark on this fascinating journey with the Crystal Kingdom.

In this course, you will explore and learn:

Day 1 Understanding of Crystals
  • How to choose a crystal;
  • The Cleansing and Caring Techniques for crystals.
Crystal Communication
  • The proper way to sense and connect with the crystal energies;
  • Discover your own psychic ability i.e. vide clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance, as a bridge to communicate with the crystal;
  • A simple method to receive guidance from your crystal by using your body.
Day 2 Understanding of Crystals
  • The overview on crystals and colors;
  • The Energizing Techniques for your crystal.
Crystal Therapy
  • To utilize the crystal energy to alleviate and heal dis-ease;
  • Get to know the therapeutic properties and perform simple chakra healing with a crystal.

Friendly Reminder: Please bring your crystals along. Kindly ensure that at least ONE (1) crystal is either a rose quartz, green aventurine, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, malachite or a crystal that is used for your heart chakra.

Prior appointment to this service is available in:

Kindly contact the personnel of the above holistic centers or refer to their website for the energy exchange and time arrangement of this workshop.

“This workshop gave me the confidence to use the crystals on myself as well as on my clients for healing purpose, and this is a big step for me! During the workshop, I got to know and familiarise with 2 kinds of crystals, use them during the conducted meditations and the outcome was interesting as every participant had a feedback or interpretation which suited him or his situation! Thank you Tristen! Wishing you all the best.”

~ Florence Turlin Wildemann, Bangkok ~

“六月十七日,我有幸于马六甲静心轩上了心灵咨询师郑永祥的水晶工作坊。很有趣的一课, 因为老师很风趣,又爱笑!

永祥介绍了水晶的特性,性质,类别。如何清理,充电。如何应用水晶做冥想,感应不同的水晶的能量。 Even though this is elementary level, it's informative and useful.

我个人很喜欢老师分给的讲义的第一段: “水晶是矿物王国赐予人类最神圣的献礼;亦是来自大地之母的创造物。当您心理准备,适宜的水晶将运用其自身内在的智慧与方式来到你身边。我们得相信每个和我们接触的水晶是合适的,并且是要和你一起合作。让你有机会进入水晶世界,了解其灵性的一面。” 这一段短文让我陶醉与眷恋水晶世界!


练习1是我用我的spirit quartz 做心轮冥想:当老师要我们注意感觉时,我觉得有气在走,刺刺的感觉;脑海浮现出粉红色的光。 当时因为刚吃了午餐,脑袋挺昏沉的,就睡着了。结果,居然有个讯息进入,叫我别睡,别想偷懒!噢!天啊,我马上醒来,立刻坐正。 您瞧,连偷个懒都别想耶。。。

永祥也帮我解去谜思 - 人类不停的挖掘,会把水晶挖空,而损害了地球吗?永祥说不会的。水晶是取之不尽,用之不竭! 当这里的水晶被挖掘时,在另一个地方,会有新的水晶继续生长。因为在水晶世界里,时间并不存在。哈哈哈,我可以放心的应用水晶了。


~ 张美丽,新加坡 ~

"Tristen and I have known each other for a long time. But our true bonding only happened...when I found the real meaning through crystals.

I have loved crystals since I was very young, so it is not something new to me. However apart from being in awe of its beauty, I did not quite know how to make a spiritual connection to it...until I joined Tristen in his Crystal Course in Elemental Workshop.

I have read a lot about crystal connection and meditations but whenever it comes to the part of me trying to tune my chakras and consciousness to it, instantly I became lost! I just do not know how to!

So, on the 24th April 2010, I decided to go to Tristen's Elemental Workshop to learn how to connect to them as well as to understand more about how crystals can help us...

I was introduced by Tristen to Crystal Connection. There were three of us in the workshop and I felt quite relaxed and focused right away since this was not my first meditation with Tristen. The energy was pure and joyful, and the most important thing was, I had never experienced such powerful energy from a crystal before! I really enjoyed the whole meditation and the connection with my own crystal, the feeling was as if I had reconnected with an old friend of mine, although I had physically owned my crystal for quite some time.

To me, learning to connect with the crystals is not just about me and the crystal, but also learning about the awareness of the flow of our own chakras and energies around us - what the natural spiritual forces are trying to tell us and what we need to do to improve ourselves in order to live in peace and harmony in this world. I felt there is so much more each and every single one of us can do to make this world a better place, and by opening my mind to Crystal Course, I had been liberated. It made me realise that when there is awareness, there is hope, and when there is hope there shall be a better future for all of us. I am now able feel thankful and blessed with what I have and with that awareness and sense of gratitude, I can help others who are so much less fortunate. I learned to look beyond the little square that I live in, and when you realise there are so many other sufferings in this world, it makes your own daily problems seem trivial.

I have learned to respect all living beings' existence in this world, I feel understood, I feel lighter but above all, I feel loved.

I hope my message here will help open your minds to Crystal Course, let us all reach out to each other in times of happiness and in times of need, for "shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is half sorrow".

May love and peace be with all, Namaste.

~ Sherry Low,
Business Entrepreneur,
Kuala Lumpur ~