Message from Kuan Yin

Most of the time, people talk to the world with enormous effort; they scream, complain and groan to get their voice heard. Projection of communication becomes so messy due to the negative vibes cast out to the environment. Hence, it is important to take note of all means of communication with another alternative of softer approach.

As people are getting used to the polluted communication, they forget about the originality and the beauty of communication. People misinterpret and overlook the original intention to communicate with each other. Significantly, this looses out the integrity of making connection in the overall perspective. Thus, communication breakdown occurs in most cases of a frequent manner.

Let us return to the source of communication where the beauty of it lies in the purity and authenticity of making connection from heart to heart.


Prerequisites: Basic Crystal Class
Day 1
  • Understand your physical self, its senses and their links to your psychic abilities;
  • Chakra System of Fifth Dimension and their functions;
  • Activate your inborn Clairsentience and comprehend its know-how in crystal communication system with the help of your crystals.
Day 2
  • Proper way to set up crystal protection;
  • Learn the application of Clairvoyance and perform its potent initiation with your crystals;
  • Activate your Clairaudience and comprehend its know-how in this grounded system.
Day 3
  • Get to know the application of Claircognizance and perform the initiation;
  • Consolidate all Clair's to sense and communicate with your crystals;
  • Ethics in receiving guidance from crystals.

Friendly Reminder: Please bring your crystals along for this class.

Prior appointment to this service is available in:

Kindly contact the personnel of the above holistic center or refer to their website for the energy exchange and time arrangement of this workshop.

"After doing my Angel Therapy Practitioner course with Doreen Virtue, I started getting dreams and signs to learn more about Crystals!!! It was during this time when I bumped on to a site called The Violet Flame in Kuala Lumpur which offered Crystal Therapy workshops by Tristen.

What touched me the most was that Tristen doesn't wait for the class to get full to do a workshop! He is ready to teach even if there is just one student, which worked in my favour!

It has been a pleasure and an honor meeting and learning from Tristen. A person like me who had considered crystals to be just mere stones...... Tristen changed my entire outlook towards them! Tristen taught me how to honor and respect the crystals. He made me aware of the power of crystals and how by setting my intentions right and positive outlook towards them, I could use them to my benefit and also help others. I also learnt how to care for them, different ways of cleansing them and using them. Conducting the workshop with me alone gave me the opportunity to learn one on one with him and ask him as many questions I wanted :-) Tristen was always calm, patient, kind, thoughtful and a considerate teacher. The vibration and energy in the room was so powerful and intense! I could easily sense the shifts and changes in them. With the help of Tristen and his guided meditations, I learnt to relax, let go and above all amplify all of my psychic senses......

The surprise was when I had my ascended masters visited me in these meditations which was the 1st time for me! This happened in both of the workshops, Level 1 and 2. My joy knew no bounds!!!! Seeing Lord Ganesh's eye became my 3rd eye......BEAUTIFUL!!!! Having Quan Yin give me beautiful messages and visions and actually sensing her compassion and love first hand is an experience I shall cherish my entire life!!!"

~ Neeta Agnani, United States ~

"Dearest Tristen,

I thank you and the Universe for synchronizing us in yesterday's workshop. It has blessed, re-activated and re-connected me with gifts that I totally need at this moment of my evolution. My senses are amplified, polished and shaped up to a level which resonates to whatever that is meant for me, everything just comes together so perfectly. The energy work we did yesterday has certainly set a strong foundation for my evolution and connection to the crystals and the elementals.

I must also share with you that at the last meditation, I had a knowing that we have worked before in Lemuria. Here we are again today synchronizing as we did before.

I look forward to Level 2 in this workshop. Thank you for sharing the space and the love from the Universe. My deepest love and gratitude to all beings in my evolution.

With much love & blessings"

~ Lisa, Kuala Lumpur ~