A Love Note from Goddess Aphrodite
"LOVE, the major life subject which lures the interest of people in general, it is always very ambiguous in your perceptions. Have you ever wondered why? Do you know what is the root cause of it?

The need to know LOVE is in you. Is it within you that you have the desire to seek and understand LOVE. Imagine that you have sailed through thousands of life times as a human being, struggled with all the ups and downs, trying to seek the Passage to Love. But, you ended up more confused in love as all the delusions and muddles in your mind built up a strong puzzlement in you. Thus, you lost your valuable connection with LOVE.

This workshop helps you to return to LOVE as it is the core essence of your human existence. With the assistance of our Celestial Team and Crystals, you will be reminded of your pathways and Truths of Love. It will be a homecoming experience for all of you!"

Prerequisites: It is helpful if you have some basic understanding of crystals. Each workshop is unique in its own therapeutic energies, frequencies and techniques e.g. Inner Child healing, Soul Mates healing, Rituals & Blessings, Sacred Dance and many more. All energies and methods will be channelled via the Divine guidance to facilitate your Being to:

  • Disintegrate bad karma/memories e.g. abuse, fears, rejection, controlling issue, destructive behaviour, victim consciousness and etc.;
  • Adopt a loving way to handle incompatibilities with the enhancement of confidence, inclusiveness and heart’s values;
  • Heal your body, heart and Soul with loving essences for a better relationship with your partner;
  • Improve your relationships with Self, partner, parents, family, health, abundance and more.

Gentle Reminder: For this workshop, kindly wear comfortable clothing and a pair of pants with pockets. Please bring along 1 piece each of the following crystals in the raw or tumbled form:

  1. Yellow crystal: Yellow Calcite, Golden Rutilated Quartz and etc.
  2. Pink crystal: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and etc.
  3. Purple crystal: Amethyst, Sugilite and etc.

Prior appointment to this service is available in:

Kindly contact the personnel of the above holistic center or refer to their website for the energy exchange and time arrangement of this workshop.