Message from Goddess Isis:
"While you get into this global vortex of change, you are constantly spinning in and out of the spiral cycles. It is a process of contractions and expansions to stretch your boundaries. This also applies in the course of conceiving a child, a mother and her child will go through the same manner of stretching each other's boundaries. In its progression, it affects the mother through the fluctuations of her emotional and mental bodies. These bodies will be challenged to discard old belief systems by adopting new ones. So in this purging procedure, sometimes a child may pick up some emotional patterns from his mother that they serve as the foundation of his earthy lessons. Please do not blame your mother in this case, as it is merely a Divine arrangement to facilitate your learning curve for higher purpose."

For this healing circle, we are nudged to look into our relationship with our mother - especially the unpleasant issues between us. By knowing that these can be healed, it helps us to reduce our karmic lessons with our mother and other females. Hence, it assists to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of our Being.

Friendly Reminder: For this lovely circle, please bring along 1 piece each of the following crystals:

  1. Red crystal: Red Jasper, Red Garnet and etc.
  2. Green crystal: Green Aventurine, Malachite and etc.


在这活动中,我们将探讨我们与母亲的关系 - 尤其是我们之间不愉快的问题。通过心智了解,这些问题是可以愈疗的,它可以帮助我们减少我们与母亲和其他女性的业障。因此,我们内在的阳性和阴性能量也因它而得到平衡,和谐。

贴心叮咛: 亲爱的,请携带以下各1块水晶来参于这活动:

  1. 红水晶: 红碧玉,红石榴石等。
  2. 绿水晶: 绿东陵,孔雀石等。